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SEOmoz is awesomeAside from being totally bad ass in general, SEOmoz has really stepped things up a bit on the link development front with the addition of their Link Acquisition Assistant for pro members. This handy little web gadget is extremely helpful (and relatively similar to the solo SEO link building tool) once you get the hang of it.

Advanced search modifiers are a mainstay of link hunting. Although there are quite a few resources for implementing them effectively, it can still be a little confusing when it comes to applying them efficiently.  Not only can the Link Acquisition Assistant keep you organized while hunting for links with advanced search modifiers, it will help you rule out the search queries which aren’t productive.

The interface isn’t much more than a form, but the output is frikin’ OCD link building heaven…

advanced search modifiers

The tool also provides leads for links from a variety of other clever resources…

link building SEO Sumo

Be mindful, this tool assists with link building 101 tactics.  It’s great for entry level SEO’s, improving your ASM skills, and exploring as many possible link opportunities as the search engines can provide.  This tool, in combination with a little creativity and blog hunting, is an awesome resource for building links from a variety of domains.  As with all link building tactics, organization is key.

You might also want to check out SEOmoz’s Competitive Link Finder.  It’s particularly useful if your analyzing competitors who compete for very broad/generic key terms.  You never know what you might find in there.

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