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Miami lobstering is like linkbuilding for SEO

Every year here in Miami, masses of waterbound locals flock to the grass beds, ledges, and reefs off Biscayne Bay (as well as the northern Florida Keys) in search of elusive (yet delicious) spiny lobsters.  Lobster Mini Season 2009 was fruitful – and while diving for these crafty crustaceons, I had an epiphany – hunting for lobsters is alot like linkbuilding.  It takes keen surveying skills, knowing where to go, and the right approach in order to put a healthy dinner on the table.

In order to be a successful lobster hunter, you have to develop the fundamental skills necessary to coax your prey out of hiding and into your net. Some bugs are easier to catch than others…but the big ones….the trophy ones…that’s what your focus should be. In order to get those – you need to put on your gloves, get crafty, and take the right approach – because more often than not – you’re only going to get one chance.

Surveying potential sites is the first step.  Since you already know what you’re after, it’s just a matter of figuring out if a dive site will hold what you’re looking for.  Each site needs to meet a specific set of criteria in order to hold trophy bugs…it needs to be established, relatively unknown to other lobster hunters, and of course, a completely natural place for a lobster to reside. Often times, the more natural the spot looks (unlike casitas or “farms”), the more likely no one will even notice it…because trophy lobsters are elusive – and take great skill to acquire. I reccomend investigating whether or not the site looks healthy, hasn’t been tapped by too many other lobster bandits (or better yet – never touched!), and has a strong likelihood you’ll be able to acquire one or two.

After you’ve qualified your site, you need to consider that, geographically, there’s probably a few other solid sites in the vicinity.  Before you dive in and spend all your energy focusing on luring a bug or two out of one site, you should scout around a bit more and look for related sites which are similar in structure and present the same conditions. It’s better to find six potential sites, figure out your approach, and then go in for the kill – that way if one attempt falls through – you’ve got some backups.

Let’s jump in and talk about the approach. You have to play it cool.  If you’re too aggressive, the bugs will spook.  If you’re too passive, they’ll dodge your net.  But…if you’re alluring, if you don’t pose a threat…and offer something compelling enough to lure your trophy out into the open – it’ll be yours for the taking.

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