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Search Engine usage in the U.S has increased exponentially. (more…)

Charlie Ellis of SEO Sumo discusses how the behavior of search has affected American lifestyle, economy, and business to consumer marketing.

I think its safe to say the convergence between social media and search has finally taken place. (more…)

The consumption of media on a global scale has shifted dramatically the past few years. The rise of the internet and synchronous movement towards a real-time web has catalyzed the development of new media distribution models while smothering the media channels of the 20th century. Although this change is radical to publishers and media producers, it is, in many ways, (more…)

global link popularity

It’s no mystery that a single link from a credible, relevant, trustworthy site can boost your domain up a few rankings mighty quick. (more…)

keyword research

While I was working on a bit of preliminary keyword research this morning for a new client, I had a bit of an epiphany (more…)

Yeah, we know. But now what?

In keeping with the tradition of the “Did you know” series, the latest clip from shift happens hammers the social media convergence concept with poignancy, astute statistics, and a powerhouse of source credentials solid enough to make any print media titan fire up that ol’ trusty netscape browser for a quick trip to (more…)

Miami lobstering is like linkbuilding for SEO

Every year here in Miami, masses of waterbound locals flock to the grass beds, ledges, and reefs off Biscayne Bay (as well as the northern Florida Keys) in search of elusive (yet delicious) spiny lobsters.  Lobster Mini Season 2009 was fruitful – and while diving for these crafty crustaceons, I had an epiphany – hunting for lobsters is alot like linkbuilding.  It takes keen surveying skills, knowing where to go, and the right approach in order to put a healthy dinner on the table.


Michael Jackson's BlogEste blog se podría llamar también “como sabotear los medios de información” o “como cubrir una noticia que ensucia al gobierno con SEO”, o “como admitir graves culpas publicamente y que nadie se entere”.

Gracias a la magia de Google y SEO, Michael Jackson sigue respondiendo en persona en su blog, como si (more…)

You know, I often lose sight of how truly web (let alone computer) savvy most of the U.S really is.

For better or for worse…even if people don’t know what a browser is…they still know which search engine they prefer…and most likely how to use it.

As a wiser man than myself once said, search hasn’t fundamentally changed recently, and probably (more…)

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