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Often hailed as the bane of an online reputation manager’s career, the infamous RipOff Report can become an instant headache and PR nightmare if not handled quickly and tactically. The platform was originally developed to help consumers who were “wronged” online to strike back at fraudulent service providers, enabling nearly anyone to voice their miserable experience in a forum which is practically magnetic to search engine spiders. The reports are often exaggerated, biased, and recurrently contradictive…and to top it all off, they carry quite a bit of weight in the SERPs.

Trying to get them removed is often futile. Reasoning with the author is usually out of the question.  Filing charges against ripoffreport.com typically has no effect. If you’ve been affected by ripoffreport.com and are looking for some revenge, look no further. We’ve discovered several little known ways to remove ripoff reports from your neighboring search engine results…and if you’re already on track with your link building abilities…you’re half way there.

Little known ways to remove ripoff reports

1. The Social Approach

Time to face facts.  Someone out there is tremendously dissatisfied with you, your products, your services, customer management, or company.  You did something to offend a consumer so badly…they turned to the web in an effort to deliberately trash your reputation.  If this isn’t the case…meaning, you ACTUALLY didn’t do anything and someone out there has a vendetta for unknown reasons, it’s time to switch to detective mode and figure out exactly what happened.  For the sake of this particular strategy for removing rip off reports from adjacent SERP results, let’s assume you did something to piss someone off.

The first thing you should do from a social media perspective is attempt to contact the person directly.  ATTEMPT to work it out (and then blog about the experience). If it’s a bad customer service situation…make amends.  Swallow your pride, take initiative, and see if you can persuade the author to correct the report to not be so harsh (reports can NOT be removed once entered).  Attempting to fix the situation may not seem like innovative advice…but it’s often the most effective way to alleviate the situation.

If that’s not an option on the table…it’s time to drown out their voice.

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