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Remember when tinyurl.com was god’s supreme gift to twitter? How the frequency of getting rick roll’d increased by about 87%? Well, now there’s another wonderful URL shortening service on the market…enter Bitly…the URL shortening service with insights into click traffic. Are there applications for Bitly beyond general twittering and sending your friends random clips of burning man weirdness? Absolutely.

Bitly your way to more clicks

Bitly is active on twitter as it is, but what’s most remarkable about this particular URL shortening service is the ability to see all kinds of click traffic stemming from the URL itself! For example, I found this wild video of a stop motion animation…and I happen to think all my loyal twitter followers need a to experience this clip in all its glory.  Problem is…the URL for this particular piece of media is really long.

laughing-squid-urlI enter the URL into bitly…and out pops a bitly-tastic URL. Now it’s time to send it out to all the people on twitter who think my random internet musings are worth listening to.


Take that twittersphere! Now all i have to do is sit back and hope all my followers think i’m a hero for sending that clip! If so…i’m everyone’s friend…if not…i’m probably going to lose a few followers.

Not surprisingly, i wasn’t the first person to get the novel idea to tweet this out to my friends. In fact, at the time this article was written, the host post for this video already has four tweets…and the damn thing was posted less than a few hours ago. The Bitly metrics don’t lie, and we can see from the total tab there’s already been about a thousand clicks to the page.  That’s a whole lot of free publicity courtesy the twittersphere and bitly.

The most fascinating application for Bitly is quantified effectiveness in terms of exposure. You can show a client how much exposure their content is getting straight from the twittersphere (and quickly too). You can also monitor the referring traffic sources and where the clicks are coming from geographically.   That’s big news when it comes to illustrating the viral effect.

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