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Getting links is tough.  No matter how you look at it…you have to get creative, be genuinely strategic, and understand exactly what you’re looking for BEFORE you set out to implement a link building initiative. Link requests, however old school and tedious they may be, are certainly still alive and in practice for most white-hat SEOs.  It’s not always easy to get it right, and learning the art of the link request can take time, as well as quite a bit of trial and error.

While i was learning to link build, i experimented with various forms of linkbait, using advanced search modifiers, and trying to talk my way into strong links by whatever means necessary. Needless to say, it was a confusing process, but the due diligence of my SEO peers saved the day.  I was fortunate to find a plethora of resource articles which put me on the right track and helped to alleviate any concerns about whether or not i was going about the linkbuilding process properly.

Here’s a list of the articles and resources i found most helpful in learning to linkbuild via the good ol’ fashioned link request:

What your link request should contain and why by Eric Ward

Why your link exchange request failed by Michael Bluejay

How to request a link without sounding like a spammer by cirtex

Link Building Etiquette by David Naylor

How to Request a Link by Aaron Wall of SEO Book

How not to request a link via email by Rebecca at SEOmoz

Link Request Mistakes by Joost de Valk

The do’s and dont’s in link request emails from Search Engine Round Table

Link request flattery by Stoney deGeyter

The perfect link request by Dev Basu

the best link request email yet by Solo SEO

Expert linkbuilding can be fun by Jim Boykin

Targeted emails drive high quality linkbuilding campaigns by Aaron Wall of SEO Book

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